Sovol sv01 assembly

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Sovol had been on my radar for a little bit with their SV01 3D Printer. I liked some of the unique features they were offering such as a rectangular build volume. I happened to enter one of their contests and won one of the printers! Join me in my Sovol SV01 3D printer review.

Everything was nicely packed and there was no shipping damage.

sovol sv01 assembly

All the parts were accounted for. I removed all the parts and assemblies and we went ahead and started moving onto the assembly process. The printer top assembly is mounted to the base assembly with 4 long allen screws that go through the base and thread into the z axis aluminum extrusions.

Once that is completed, the LCD screen is mounted, as is the filament holder and filament sensor. The Z axis endstop also needs to be installed. After the printer was assembled it appeared to be a nice rigid printer. The X axis extrusion provides a nice stable track for the extruder and hot end assembly. The dual z axis lead screws keep the gantry level as it moves up or down. It really felt like an improved lovechild of the Artillery Sidewinder X1 and a Creality printer.

The later because there are many branded Creality parts on this printer including the control board. I also noticed at times some small marks on the filament from the sensor. The printer powered on with a flick of the switch and we were off to start a print. Having previously used an Artillery Sidewinder X1 which is also direct drive, I modified the profile I was using in Prusaslicer by decreasing the print volume to the SV01 specs and started printing. The print came out fantastic.

I did notice a touch of underextrusion at times and I checked the e-steps which were surprisingly right. I then increased the flow in the slicer and the underextrusion went away.

Aside from the sensor, I sliced and printed model after model and was really happy. The print surface was fairly consistent with respect to adhesion. I was able to print the free Enterprise model from Fab without issue. Some larger prints did have some corners lift unfortunately. I recommend playing it safe with a brim on prints you really care about that have very large surface areas or really small.

For the most part adhesion was not an issue for me.OK Scott Here again. So I over the last few years and all I have decided to change how I do my printer rundowns a little.

Sovol SV01 Titan Style Direct Drive 3D Printer 280 x 240 x 300mm

Therefore I do what I call rundowns. You can find the unboxing and build video over on my youtube channel here. First impressions:. Build time : 20 minutes from box to leveled and started print. Now after 3 weeks and four and a half spools of filament I can give you the following pro and con list.

Ok so looking back this printer has run none stop sense I got it. I did relocate the filament out sensor and flipped the spool holder to the front of the top bar instead of the rear like the instructions called for.

I have had one print failure in the time I have owned it and that was four and a half days into a long print when a support broke loose and caught the nozzle causing the glass bed to come off sliding onto my work bench not damage to the glass or anything.

Over all this printer is worth every penny. Simple to use fast build and comes stock with most of the upgrades I would add, at this point I think I would only add insulation under the bed. Purschaced my one and for some reason managed to get the sample filament already twice to stuck on extruder.

In this second time the filament breaked and it seems that I need to un-assembly the extruder somehow This happened when I tried to printout the examble cube with example filament. What kind of temperatures you are using? And are you using the cura as a slicer? I use s3d I use priline or eryone filament most of the time with temps to on pla. One thing to keep in mind with this printer is its direct drive so it needs very little retract.

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Scott Worthington. Friday, 26 July Print area: xxmm First impressions: Boxed well and packages like it should be to make the trip around the world. Came with nice printed instructions. Came with a nice starter tool set. Filament sample was a good size for this printer.

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Pro: Fast build Good tool set Nice filament sample Glass bed Direct drive Filament out sensor works great Resume on power lose tested and works great Meanswell power supply. E3D clone hotend with copper heat block. Large thumb wheels for bed leveling.

Thermal protection turned on. Cons: Odd sized bed so hard to find replacement glass or other printing surface for. Filament out sensor located up on top of frame limiting print height to lower than stated max. Bed not insulated. Bed maxed out at 98 C with thermal protection. Alfawise U20 plus Rundown.I chose this model because it has direct-drive rather than a Boden setup and I am led to believe this will let me print with a wider range of filaments. It is based on mostly Creality components and may even be manufactured by Creality.

As I said I am completely new so I am going on information gathered from various websites. My choice may have been the best however as I am struggling to find printer settings. Does anyone here have an SV01? Of course I meant to say: " My choice may not have been the best Sovol came back to a message I posted on their website.

They confirmed " I have no idea whether this rectangular shape build plate is unusual but it is not helpful that there is some inconsistency in giving the dimensions, i. I can't really tell it from the picture of my link, but I would say from left to right. This would be X then, if orientated like normal. But I can't imagine that Sovol swapped X with Y.

Sovol SV01 3D Printer Review

Anyways, give it a go and print something small with settings X and Y The worst case would be, that it is printed turned by 90 degrees. The print bed is actually mm wide from left-to-right standing in front of the machine.

And mm deep, front to back. I assume it is common to reduce the physical maximum measurements to a more conservative print area. I am now fiddling with the Z-axis. The print head wants to go lower than the print bed.

sovol sv01 assembly

It is not clear where the limit switch should be fitted. So I will move it further up and try that. Yes, this is common. In most cases it is limited by the size of the print head or the length of the axes. Yes, moving up the switch if possible is the easiest fix. Take a look at the printbed, are the leveling screws very long?Registered owners receive exclusive events and get the most out of your machine and keep it working at its best. Click to learn more. Get early access to sales and new products before the rush.

Sovol Support Team is available via email and live chat. It typically provides a more accurate extrusion and allows for faster retractions. Built-in branded Meanwell power supply ensures stable and sufficient power, heat up the hotbed and nozzle fast. Certified power supply also can protect your printer from unexpected power surges. Two Z-axis screws and stepper motors drive the vertical axis of the SV01, improving accuracy and precision, resulting in a specified Z-axis accuracy of 0.

So many 3D printers do not have this basic safety feature, to ensures your 3D printer stops sending power to heating elements in the event of an error. This can prevent catastrophic overheating. Stable Printing Process. Aluminium Frame. High strength aluminium extursion. Enhanced stability and reliability.

Part of the sheet metal with lively color in light blue.

Sovol SV01 Rundown

In the event of a power outage, whether a tripped fuse or an accidental unplugging, the SV01 will simply ask you if you want to resume from where it stopped. Again, this is a print-saving feature that can easily save you from canning hours of printing. In the event of your filament running out too soon, the SV01 will detect this and pause your print so you can fit a new spool of filament and resume the print, saving you from failed print disaster!

Sovol are devoted to offer premium quality products to all cherished customers. Meanwhile supply 30 days money back guarantee and 12 months warranty. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us, Sovol Customer Service Team will spare no efforts to assist with you within 24 hours.

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While the printer may take some time to assemble and use, this Sovol SV01 3D printer review gives you a head start on what to expect. Here are the technical specifications for the Sovol SV01 3D printer:. The Sovol SV01 saves the status of your builds in real-time.

Should the power to the 3D printer be cut unexpectedly, the resume print feature kicks in to continue printing the job from where it stopped. Thermal runaway protection is another alert installed on the Sovol SV01 3D printer as a safety precaution. With all of the sensors in place, using the machine can be mastered in no time. The SV01 direct drive 3D printer uses the direct drive extruder in accompaniment with the dual Z-axis design to reduce vibrations, improve accuracy, and promote a smoother surface finish.

The mainboard and other features can be accessed through the display screen. The print bed is heated tempered glass which Sovol markets as a build plate with good adhesion without the use of hairspray or tape. Prints should stick through the build process and can be easily removed once the print bed cools off. The SV01 3D printer can be used online tethered to a computer, or offline by downloading G-code files directly to the SD card which is located in the back of the machine.

You can start printing right after assembling the printer since it comes with a generous gram sample spool of PLA filament. The cooling fan located in the base of the printer is fairly loud throughout the print process. The print process itself is decent but leaves room for improvement. With the widened X-axis, dual Z-axis setup, and direct drive extruder, printing with the Sovol SV01 3D printer can produce some stringing and visible layer lines even though these features are supposed to enhance stability and precision.

Clogging is especially likely when printing with more exotic materials. On the upside, the Sovol allows third-party filaments to be used with the printer.

After bolting the gantry to the print base, attach the screen to the frame, and connect all of the wires.

Be sure to give the direct drive printer a thorough check of its preassembled parts to tighten all of the screws and ensure every wire is connected properly. Connect the motors and end stop switches, adjust the settings, level the bed, and start printing. Take a look at all of the parts that come with the Sovol SV01 direct drive 3D printer:. The Sovol company offers a number of ways to support its customers throughout the purchase and after-purchase process.

The website provides firmware downloads, shipping information, and troubleshooting tips. There are several video tutorials that include an assembly guide, how to fix the hot end clogging issue, and even how to replace the LCD screen. Sovol promises to respond to most email inquiries within 24 hours. As far as the SV01 3D printer goes, there is a one-year warranty covering the printer and its parts.

The company also offers a day exchange and return policy should the printer not perform as expected or arrive damaged. Hopefully, this Sovol SV01 3D printer review has provided some clarity on how this direct drive 3D printer operates.

While it may not be the quietest printer, its ability to print large builds makes up for the noise. The sensors make the print process run smoothly while manual leveling can slow down operations a bit. Being able to use non-proprietary filament is another bonus that helps sway the decision toward giving the Sovol SV01 direct drive 3D printer a try. Skip to content.The V6 is a market-leading, high-performance hot end.

The V6 is capable of printing a wide range of materials and prints reliably at high temperatures. To start, it's very popular due to it's performance. This means you'll be able to find support for the E3D V6 almost everywhere you go online. Since it is fully integrated into the E3D ecosystem, you'll have a wide range of nozzle to choose from - including the hardened steel "Nozzle X".

You'll be able to choose from small nozzles for finer printing, to larger ones for faster, larger objects.

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It's also a "drop in" compatible hot end for the Sovol SV, making the conversion easier. I had a few tough clogs on my stock hot end and wanted to upgrade away from that trouble.

You'll need wire cutters, extra cable ties, a soldering iron, Kapton heat tape, heat shrink tubing, wrenches, and a little patience. If you haven't read the above warning, please do so. We're not kidding! We cannot be held responsible for how well you perform these operations, and you do so at your own risk.

If you don't feel you can do this, please seek professional assistance or don't attempt this at all. OK, there - we've stated it twice Remove the 2 fans: One is the hot end fan that is screwed into the blue "round clip". You can pull the clip off of the heatsink. Remove the duct from the part cooling fan, then remove 3 screws found on the right side of that fan.

It kind of goes without saying, but you'll need to remove any filament that's left in the current hot end. You'll need to do this so you can have the top of the direct drive be clear.

You'll see the top of the cylindrical heatsink is held in place by friction. There are slots that the top portion fit into tightly. Above that, is a cone-shaped black piece of plastic that only fits in one way.

That's a guide that gets your filament from the geared direct drive into the top of the heatsink, and down to the heater block.

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As you pull the heatsink out, the guide will come with it. Pay close attention to how it sits in, for when you have to put it back together. I used one hand to place it against the bottom of the drive assembly, and pushed the heatsink out with my fingers. When looking at the bottom of the nozzle and heater block, you can see why I wanted to replace it!

sovol sv01 assembly

After the assembly has been removed, you can remove the small cable tie that holds the shield and wires to the blue back plate. This will give you more room to work with. With the wires all loose, I found it best to push back the mesh way above the direct drive out of the way and secure it there by placing a temporary zip tie.

Using a metric size 6 socket, carefully remove the nozzle from the heater block. Note that mine was pretty well clogged, and I was replacing with a better Nozzle X, so I wasn't too worried about what happened to mine.

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However, you'll probably want to reuse this if not upgrading your nozzle. If it's jammed with clogged filament, you can try safely heating the nozzle beyond the filament's melting point and using pliers to pour out the melted plastic, then cleaning. Again, be very safe with this very hot metal and plastic if you choose to do this!

Sovol SV01 – 3D Printer Review

Next, we'll start building the new assembly. Start by placing your nozzle in this case, the hardened steel Nozzle X 0. You'll want to tighten it all of the way, then turn it counter-clockwise one quarter turn. This is allows for a little space to tighten after screwing in the heat break.Registered owners receive exclusive events and get the most out of your machine and keep it working at its best.

Please read the new sovol user guide or watch our assemble tutorial. It will be easier to understand, more friendly for 3d printer beginners. Thanks Nrom for his revise. You can also install it on other place if it works. What you can do is dispatch it and adjust metal shim and keep testing until the blue lights is working. Some people has the problem to load the filament, because the structure of the direct drive extruder is different from bowden 3d printer.

If the leakage looks terrible. You need to use tool like Pliers. Please check if the cable for display were connected correctly, the printers made before Sep, they are not labled. If the these cables are connected correctly, but it still blank, please check if you switched the voltage that fit the normal voltage in your country. And use a grounded electrical outlet. No need to adjust other setting, just keep original.

If you still have question, you can check these videos. Some people said the screws are a little logner, it is no problem, you can install them normally and it will work, you can have a printing test.

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Sovol Facebook Community. SOVOL Registered owners receive exclusive events and get the most out of your machine and keep it working at its best. Your cart is empty Start shopping. Assemble the printer. The position of Z limit switch. The position of filament sensor. We usually install it on the top of gantry, like this picture shows.

How to load the filament into the extruder? How to solve the leakage issue? Why your display is blank after turning on the printer? E step caculation Our standard E step caculation is on Marlin 2,0. Contact Us Email: info sovol3d.

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